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Making IT Better

You've heard about it -- that almost-mystical place in a far-off land referred to as "Shangri-La". In that happy setting, companies, team members, customers and information technology (IT) live together in a symbiotic and harmonious relationship. Business systems actually work, organizations actually thrive, and the future promises a better way of getting things done. Unfortunately, too many organizations miss the opportunity to step into that fruitful land because they continue to labor unnecessarily with outdated systems and crippled business processes.

Is This You?

Do you face one, or more, of these complex and frustrating situations:
  • Chronic information technology management challenges
  • Business problems that you know could be solved with a database-driven Internet or intranet application, but your IT team is so busy "putting out fires" that they can't get around to building the web-based systems you need
  • Difficulty developing a satisfying information technology strategy that will help achieve your business goals
  • Unproductive or dysfunctional relationships with key information technology vendors who never seem to deliver what you really need (when you need it)
  • Active or pending lawsuits or arbitration in which information technology- related issues play a vital role
  • Lingering questions about whether or not your team members or employees are really able to handle the information technology challenges that you face in a competitive marketplace
  • The need to get your folks up to speed on your latest systems and technologies


We can help overcome these challenges!

Our Services

IT Strategy Development

Every CEO knows that a focused and visionary strategy can mean the difference between long-term success and a deteriorating status quo. Our team includes talented leaders with executive experience who have helped organizations escape the bonds of mediocrity and achieve new heights of innovation and productivity. Read More..

Expert Witness Services

Our team has the ability to deliver focused and relevant expert witness services. While we have specific experience in delivering written reports and testimony in cases related to software copyright infringement, we also have the ability to address a wide variety of contemporary information technology-related legal issues. Our previous engagements have been in support of both regional and national businesses whose revenues ranged from a few million dollars up to the multi-billion dollar level. Read More..

Web Application Development

We deliver custom application development services for a variety of target platforms and operating environments. Our solutions leverage previous development projects as well as the latest in open-source tools and technologies. Read More..

IT Training and Education

Our team members bring decades of experience in helping people learn about the applications and implications of information technology in the modern organization. We have developed both on-site and Internet-delivered training across a wide variety of content areas. Whether you are exploring new horizons, implementing new systems, or working to equip your team to meet the challenges associated with emerging technologies, we can help. Read More..

What Are You Waiting For?

Contact us today to take your first step on a journey toward a better and more productive relationship between your organization and your information technology-based solutions. Once you experience the positive difference of a truly symbiotic relationship with your information technology systems, you'll wonder why you waited so long to begin!