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IT Strategy Development

Every CEO knows that striking the appropriate balance between a visionary strategy and a practical plan of attack can mean the difference between long-term success or failure. Our team includes talented leaders with executive experience who have helped organizations escape the bonds of mediocrity and achieve new heights of innovation and productivity.

Some clients ask IT Symbiotics to conduct an Information Technology Audit for them. This type of engagement includes a comprehensive review of personnel, technology infrastructure, current projects, and existing strategic plans. CEOs find that an IT Audit can help an organization regroup and recalibrate its technology-related strategies to better-align those strategies with the firm's future, rather than its past.

We can also offer a veteran facilitator to help lead strategic visioning retreats, brainstorming sessions, and tactical planning sessions. Our ability to effectively conduct these types of challenging events can help clients develop a viable and exciting long-term technology strategy.

Expert Witness Services

We have the ability to deliver focused and relevant expert witness services in accordance with your case schedule. While we have specific experience in delivering both written reports and testimony in cases primarily related to software copyright infringement, we can also address a wide variety of contemporary information technology-related legal issues ranging from employee Internet activity reviews to IT-related risk exposure and risk management assessments.

Our previous engagements have been in support of both regional and national businesses whose revenues ranged from a few million dollars up to the multi-billion dollar level. We have been engaged by both plaintiffs and respondents in previous cases. As a result of past experience in delivering impactful expert witness services, we are able to:

  • Help develop and articulate clear engagement goals and effort estimates
  • Deliver timely and focused technology advice to help make discovery efforts more productive
  • Conduct thorough reviews and produce well-written and well-informed expert opinions across an exceptionally wide range of technology platforms, tools, and programming languages

Web Application Development

IT Symbiotics offers your firm a better way to achieve systemic change in both internal and customer-facing processes. Our ability to deliver and support key enterprise applications will help your organization fulfill its mission and goals more rapidly, more effectively, and more competitively.

Our experience has shown that far too many firms find that there are a large number of well-intentioned "web experts" who offer their services in creating a "pretty" website. However, when it comes to building the industrial-strength data-driven infrastructure needed to sustain modern methods of doing business, those other providers often fall short. Fortunately, IT Symbiotics has a proven track record of successfully building the dynamic database-driven architectures that firms need in order to be able to compete in the fast-paced Internet arena.

Our staff can develop both product-centric and process-centric web applications using modern tools and platforms. Because of our experience in this type of application construction, we can help you articulate your web strategy, build a robust database-driven website, and accelerate your business processes.

IT Training and Education

Our team members possess decades of experience in helping people learn about the applications and implications of information technology in the modern organization. We have developed both on-site and Internet-delivered training across a wide variety of content areas. Whether you are exploring new horizons, implementing new systems, or working to equip your team to meet the challenges associated with emerging technologies, we can help.

We do not try to compete with the large number of firms that offer training on commercial-off-the-shelf-software such as various office productivity applications or other canned packages. Instead, we specialize in developing custom IT-related training programs that are appropriate for your firm's specific human resources development goals in order to complement your business plans. We can also help you implement an effective set of "learning management" tools in order to be able to monitor and fine-tune your ongoing training programs.